Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, we are open to the public, anyone can buy a unit at Scotia Recovery.
All units listed are being offered for sale on account of the seller and will be sold under the rights and remedied available to the seller, such as secured creditor, insurer, government agencies or trustees with respect to a default, recovery, forfeiture, seizure or liquidation and pursutant to the appropriate act such as:
  • P.P.S.A
  • Bankruptcy Act
  • Proceeds of Crime Act
  • Insurance Act
  • Mortgage Act
or other relevant legislation.
Scotia Recovery does not offer any warranty. All units are sold by the vendor "as is, where is", with no warranty given or implied.
Yes, your mechanic can inspect the unit. The mechanic is not permitted to dismantle parts and the vehicle must be inspected on the premises. Please check with our office staff to make an appointment to have your mechanic inspect your purchase.
There are bid forms in the office, you will be asked to secure your bid with a cash deposit. The deposit is refundable, if your bid is declined or you are outbit by another party. All bids are subject to approval from the vendor. The highest bidder will be contacted as soon as the unit is available for sale and if the vendor authorizes the sale.
All units are sold "as is, where is". Removal of the unit from the lot will be your sole responsibility.
Prices are based on industry guides, as set by vendors. Comparable whole sale values such as Red, Blue & Black Book are used for this determination. The price found on the information sheet is only a bench mark set by the vendor. In some cases units will exceed this price, while others may fall below, but are usually within 10%.
All bids need to be within 10% of the listed suggested bid amount.
Scotia Recovery will contact the highest bidder, once the vehicle sale date has passed. Sale of the unit must be finalized within 72 hours of notification of a successful bid.
The unti is being sold by the Primary Leinholder or Trustee.
Yes, all sales are subject to an Administration Fee. This fee covers legal transfers of the vehicle or unit into the purchasers name. HST is also collected on the total sales price by Scotia Recovery.
All units must be paid for by a certified cheque, bank draft, or money order. Scotia Recovery does not accept cash, credit cards or debit payments for a unit.